Created in 2013, the CENTRE FOR FOCUS ON HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION is a digital space to provide information, to generate discussion and greater awareness of the field of Human Rights Education, both in terms of theoretical perspectives and public policies and practices. Its main purpose is to provide an environment for productive and creative dialogue between different approaches to the topic.

The centre is operated by Novamerica, a non-governmental organization which has run a Human Rights Education programme since 1991. It is linked to the Socio-Educational Movement Educate in Difficult Times (MSE), both with a Latin American perspective.

The centre collaborates with the Research Group on Daily Life, Education and Culture (GECEC) which is linked to the Department of Education at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).


In today’s world, the awareness of human rights is increasing. The issues concerning equality, and the fight against all types of inequality, are widely considered to be of fundamental necessity. At the same time, issues related to cultural differences are more and more in focus today, and are being addressed by various social movements with great impact on society, both on a global and national scale.

In this context, educational processes aimed at strengthening a Human Rights culture are of special importance. Through education it is possible to enhance citizenship and build a more democratic and just society. As educators, our challenge is to promote an education that contributes to the understanding, experience and achievement of these rights.

For Human Rights Education to consider the link between the Right to Equality and Right to Difference is a matter of particular urgency, to be able to meet the current challenges of educational contexts.


The centre’s main objectives are:

  • To strengthen a culture of Human Rights in all of society.
  • To discuss issues related to the development of Human Rights Education, both from a theoretical point of view and from the point of view of public policies and practices.
  • To promote a dialogue between different individual and collective stakeholders who work in the area of Human Rights Education.
  • To provide various educational materials and products which focus on the development of Human Rights Education in different areas and on different levels, both in formal and non-formal education.


Vera Maria Ferrão Candau (coordinator)
Vera Maria Ferrão Candau graduated in Pedagogy from the PUC-Rio, and holds a PhD and a Post – Doctorate in Education from the Complutense University of Madrid. She is a full professor at PUC-Rio. She also works as an advisor in socio-educational projects, in the country and in Latin America, and as part of the team at the NGO Novamerica. She has an extensive experience in teaching, from primary school to undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. She is the coordinator of the Research Group on Daily Life, Education and Culture (GECEC) through which she has developed a systematic research on the relationships between education and culture(s). She is a 1A researcher for the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Her main areas of focus are Intercultural Education, School Routine, Didactics, Human Rights Education and Teachers’ Training.

Susana Beatriz Sacavino (coordinator)
Susana Beatriz Sacavino holds a BA in Political Science from the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba (Argentina), an MA in Legal Studies from the Institute of International Relations, and a PhD in Education from the Department of Education at PUC -Rio. She is the director of the Latin American review Novamerica – Nuevamerica and of the NGO Novamerica. She is an Associate Researcher of the GECEC at the Department of Education at PUC -Rio. She is member of the Latin American Network of Education for Peace and Human Rights developed by the Council for Adult Education in Latin America (CEAAL). She works as a Projects Advisor on socio-educational projects in the country and in Latin America. Her main areas of interest are Human Rights Education, Education and Citizenship, Human Rights and Interculturality, Teacher Training, Prevention of School Violence and Bullying.

Marcelo Andrade
Marcelo Andrade holds a BA in Philosophy, MA in Education and PhD in Humanities from the PUC-Rio. He did part of his PhD programme abroad, at the University of Valencia, Spain. He is a professor at the Faculty of Education at PUC -Rio and part of the team at the NGO Novamerica. He is a fellow at the Jovem Cientista do Nosso Estado Programme (FAPERJ) and a research fellow of Produtividade em Pesquisa (CNPq). In 2012, he took over the coordination of the Post-Graduate Programme in Education at PUC -Rio.

Maria da Consolação Lucinda
Maria da Consolação Lucinda holds a Ph.D. and an MA from the Post-Graduate Programme in Social Anthropology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She did postgraduate studies in African history at the Candido Mendes University, and her BA in Social and Political Sciences at PUC -Rio. She is part of the editorial board of the Journal Novamerica and of the technical team of the Human Rights, Education and Citizenship Programme of the NGO Novamerica. She focuses on the following issues: Education and Human Rights, Citizenship, School Routine, Manifestations of Prejudice and Discrimination, Human Rights Education and Bullying.

Silvia Pedreira
Silvia Pedreira has a BA in History from the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) and MA in Brazilian Education from the PUC -Rio. She has worked as a teacher in both public and private schools in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and is currently part of the team of educators of the Human Rights, Education and Citizenship programme of the NGO Novamerica.